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about me

My name is Rachel!! I live in Yorkshire with my Husband to be Darran. We have 4 children aged 16, 11, 4 and 3. I used to be a Self-employed Book-keeper for 12 Years. Now I stay at home and look after the Kids. I have been into crafts from a very young age, now I have my own children, I love to show them how to create easy crafts. Quite often, the kids love to create their own crafts and show me hows its done!!

End of the day, this Website is all about them!!

Witches Tell The StoryThe little ones are lucky to have the Blog named after them, haha. They both love crafting, cutting up pieces of paper, painting, colouring, drawing. They are very artistic and have a wonderful imagination.  Great really, as the Witches have a Story to tell everyday!!

I am Crazy about Arts & Crafts – You can create so many easy crafts using the things you recycle. My aim is to try and get as many parents doing easy crafts with their children at home!!

Witches Tell The Story
Little Witch starting Crafts at an early age!

What will you find in this blog

This blog is mainly about the Witches, you will see a lot of their crafts in the Easy Kids Craft section . I take plenty of photo’s to make the blog exciting, instead of loads of writing.  We aim to get our craft materials from the things we find in our re-cycle box. We make easy crafts using loo rolls, paper plates, egg cartons, plastic bottles, plastic lids, tooth paste boxes, small boxes. Anything that you can glue together.

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Please contact me rachel@witchestellthestory.com if you need to ask questions or you would like a certain craft made!!

Happy Crafting!!


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