Girly Pirate Easy Fun Craft

Girly Pirate!!

Yeah we have made a Girly Pirate Easy Fun Craft. Ahoy!!! The Witches have already created a loo roll pirate in a previous post, they created a Boy Pirate!!  We are trying to make a Pirate Theme, so keep an eye out for more crafts in this theme. This Pirate Theme includes a Treasure Chest, Pirate Boat picture created with shapes and the Boy Pirate. This time we have created a Girly Pirate Craft using a loo roll. We thought it was a good idea to show you how FUN it is to create a easy Pirate Theme for kids to do!!  The Witches love creating crafts with loo rolls, they are an easy craft. Did you see the castle that they made or the glittery butterflies?  This post contains *Affiliate Links!! 

Girly Pirate Easy Fun Craft

Materials needed to make the girl pirate:

  • loo roll
  • coloured paints US
  • scrap material
  • wiggly eyes US
  • coloured felts US
  • stapler US
  • PVA glue US

Starting the Girly Pirate!!

Start off by painting the bottom half of the loo roll. The Witches chose pink:

Chose a colour for the top. The Witches liked the idea of a blue shirt:

Press together the top of the loo roll with a few staples:

Add the wiggly eyes:

Draw on some lips and face details using felt-tip pens:

Using a piece of scrap material you will need to make a head scarf. Make a triangle first and keep folding the triangle over until you have a long length. It will need to wrap around the top of the loo roll. Once you have it wrapped around, tie a small know. This can be glued on or left loose, like we did:

With a piece of scrap material, cut out a strip for a belt:

Glue the belt around the Pirates waist:

Finished Girly Pirate

Girly Pirate Easy Fun Craft

Ahoy!! The Witches have created the second part of the Pirate Theme. This craft was created by the Witches aged 2 and 4.  Look how easy this little easy craft can be done at home.

The Boy Pirate & The Girly Pirate:

Girly Pirate Easy Fun Craft

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  1. Oh how cute! crafting with children is so much fun. Good idea to use the toilet paper roll, would have never thought of that.

  2. Ahh what a lovely little craft! My kids love crafts, and they love pirates, so this is something that we will definitely want to do together!

  3. There are so many crafts to make with a toilet paper roll! I didn’t even think about making pirates until I read your post! What are some other crafts that the witches made using a loo roll?

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