Little Red Riding Hood Craft

Little Red Riding Hood Craft

Little Red Riding Hood Craft!

My little Witches love the story Little Red Riding Hood. We have created a little red riding hood craft using loo rolls. The Witches really enjoyed creating The Three Little Pigs with loo rolls you can create so many characters!! This post contains *Affiliate Links!!
Little Red Riding Hood Craft

To make this craft we followed The Little Red Riding Hood Book. We have 2 versions of the book: Ladybird and Oxford Traditional Tales. I have created an easy guide for you to follow.

Materials Needed for Little Red Riding Hood Craft:


Starting with the first piece coloured fabric (yellow). You will need to cut a piece to fit around the body (loo roll).  Glue this to your loo roll:


For the back: cut out a piece to fit the back of the loo roll and glue this on. This piece does not need to be as high as the front:


Hair & Face

For the hair you can either use wool or wool felt. I don’t have many colours in wool and I have loads of wool felt. It is easier to use wool felt for the hair as you can style it like how you want it. I used 2 strips, as I wanted her to have parted hair, just like the book. Glue the hair on top of the loo roll into place.

Using your coloured felts, you can draw on her face. My eldest daughter Lillie thought she looked beautiful.


Coat & Hood

For the coat and hood I used red fabric. I did this in 2 pieces. Starting with the hood first you will need to cut out a triangle. Pop this on top of her hair with the triangle point at the back. You can glue the 3 points of the triangle down. Don’t pull it too tight:


For the coat you need the red fabric. Wrap it around the bottom half of the body to measure where you need to cut it. Measure so you can see the yellow peeping out at the bottom:


Glue this into place. I left at a gap opening at the front. I only glued the rim at the top of the coat to make the coat float. Make sure you cover the tips of the triangle of the hood with your coat at the front:

Little Red Riding Hood Craft


To make the basket you will need to use one part of an egg carton. You will need a strip of card, some wool and glue. Start by glueing around the egg cup, lots of it. Tie one hoop around the egg cup and tie it in a knot. You may need to keep adding glue. This can get quite messy!!


Now you can start by wrapping your wool around the egg cup. Keep adding glue as you go along. This will keep the wool in place. Once you have wrapped enough wool around, meet back at the top where you started. Tie it off, cut off any loose strands:


To make a handle for your basket. Cut a strip of card long enough so you can glue the ends into the basket. Using the same wool, glue your card and lay strips of the wool onto the glue. You will need to let your handle dry before glueing it into place:

  Little Red Riding Hood Craft

Little Red Riding Hood Craft

Little Red Riding Hood Craft


Little Red Riding Hood Craft

Materials Needed for Grandma:

Head & Face

Again we followed the Oxford book on how the Grandma looks. Looking confused as she is coming out of the wardrobe!!

To make her hair you will need a pom pom ball, or use newspaper crushed up into a ball. Apply glue on the inside of the loo roll at the top. Insert your ball so you leave a bit sticking out of the top. Using wool/wool felt attach it to the top of the pom pom ball with glue. Glue her hair to the loo roll too. With your felt tips draw on her face:


Clothing for Grandma

For Grandma’s clothing I used white, yellow and Burgundy fabric. Start with the yellow fabric first. Measuring around the bottom of the loo roll, mark and cut. You then can glue this on. On the white fabric you will need to cut out a collar for her. Cut out and glue this on next:


To make her dress I used burgundy colour fabric. This is the nearest colour match to the book, you can use what you can find around the home. Get your fabric and wrap it around the bottom of the loo roll so it covers the collar. Mark the length you need, and then cut it. Laying it on top again, mark around the out line of the collar, and cut this out. You might need to keep trimming it, to make it look right. Glue this on once you get it right and add a few gems to her top. Think this Grandma likes a bit of dazzle!!



Little Red Riding Hood Craft

Big Bad Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood Craft

Materials Needed for The Big Bad Wolf:

Making the wolf was quite tricky to make, especially the nose. The girls always say “The Big Bad Wolf, what big eyes, what big ears”. Looking through the pictures of the Oxford book, we tried our best at getting the wolf looking the same. We decided we wanted our wolf dressed in Grandma’s PJ’s too.


To make the head you need to glue the inside top of the loo roll and insert your pom pom. Just like you did for the Grandma!!

Using pink fabric. You need to cut out a circle enough to go around the top of your pom pom ball. Using wool with a needle you will need to feed it though the fabric. When you put it on top of the pom pom ball, you can pull it tight around its head. Add some glue to make the hat stay in place:


Next you will need to make the wolf some ears. I used orange card for this. Drawing out one ear first, and using that ear to draw out the other. Using a brown felt tip we drew around the ears. Glue the ears on the side of the hat:



Then we drew on the eyes:

Wolf in Grandma’s PJ’s

Using pink fabric, measure all around the loo roll. You only need the bottom half. Mark it, cut it and glue it on:

For the frill to go around the top of the pink fabric, I used a lighter pink fabric for this. You only need a thin strip to go around. Once you have your measurement, draw on a frill line. Cut out and glue this on. I added a few little flowers on as buttons:




Using card, you will need to draw out a nose shape. Draw a TAB, you can fold this over to attach it to the loo roll. Cut this out and copy it again so you have 2. Make one of them smaller, by cutting it rounder. You will need to push down the sides for the nose at the top. Pull the sides up for the mouth. Colour in wolf markings on the nose, and colour inside the mouth. You can glue this on:


Finished Little Red Riding Hood Craft

I hope you enjoyed our craft idea of using loo rolls. Please comment if you would love to see other fairy tale characters. We would LOVE your feedback!

Little Red Riding Hood Craft

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Little Red Riding Hood | Loo Roll Craft

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  1. This is a cute craft. My kids would really like this, especially my daughter. Great afternoon project.

  2. Thats sounds good Brittany. I have mentioned in another comment, that I am thinking of doing a template for the clothing. I am just seeing if its worth doing yet!! Thanks for the lovely comment!!

  3. Thanks Hilesha, I am thinking of doing a pattern piece for people for this craft. Hope this is something you are interested in. I need to know if people would love this idea??

  4. We are about to enter into our first full year of homeschooling. I am really excited and I’ve been putting together all the craft ideas I can! I’m definitely adding this!

  5. This is so fun and creative! It is so important to get little ones into arts and crafts! I really believe it helps to grow their imaginations!

  6. This will be a perfect craft to do on rainy days (of which we have had many as of late!) this summer. I love the tie in to a beloved story.

  7. These are so cute! and a great way to make stories interactive which definitely promotes learning! loving grandma too, she looks sassy :p

  8. Your use of loo or toilet paper rolls is great. Your attention to detail is amazing and the story really can come alive with these. I have got to try this with my young niece and nephew.

  9. These are such a cute craft, I remember making loads of things out of loo rolls when I was a kid as it was so easy to make things x

  10. These are so cute! I should gather all the materials needed and make it with my girls before their school season starts. Bonus is, they love the story about little red riding hood.

  11. This is so cute! I love how detailed your instructions are, perfect for people like me who aren’t that artsy. When my son gets older we will be making this for sure!

  12. Love this and definitely going to be keeping it for next time my niece comes over! I love kids arts projects and especially when you can repurpose every day household items to make such adorable things!

  13. These came out so cute! They look pretty simple as well, so I will have to try them out with my daughter. She loves little red riding hood as well.

  14. One of the things that I love doing with my daughter is arts and crafts. We always have so much fun together. I think this should be our next project!

  15. I think this is wicked awesome! I love the creativity. Everything’s just accurate and it would be a lot of fun for the kids to play with as well. It’s not that difficult to make either!

  16. Thanks for your comment Kimberly. I cannot remember my ever first craft. I have been doing this sort of thing with my kids who the eldest is 16. We have created so many in the years!!

  17. This is so crafty, I love it! Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favorite childhood tales.

    Much love,
    Ashley |

  18. I’ve never really been a DIY mom but this post (and others like it) always inspire me to find something I’d enjoying crafting myself. What was the first craft you ever did?

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