100 Zoo Animal Craft Ideas For Kids

Zoo Craft Ideas!!

Welcome to a great post of 100 Zoo Animal Craft Ideas For Kids. Kids will go crazy with this list of Animals to make and create, this is an AWESOME idea for the holidays!! These crafts can be done in-doors, outside in the shade, on holiday, at friends, at parties, grandparents house, anytime of the year!! This post contains *Affiliate Links!! Why not sign up to our FREE CRAFTY NEWSLETTER and get FREE crafts sent to your email for crafts to do to keep kids busy!!

The crafts I have chosen for the Zoo Animals are suitable for children to do. The craft materials can be found in the home: loo rolls, paper plates, milk cartons, sticks, newspaper, craft paper, pegs, plastic cups, paper bags, pipe cleaners, egg cartons, buttons, plastic bowls, socks, wool, and bubble wrap. Some of the crafts can be made by painting your children’s hand to create a Zoo Animal. These crafts are FUN and EASY for the kids!! Check out the EASY KIDS CRAFT page for more EASY crafts for the kids!!

100 Zoo Animal Craft Ideas For Kids

Elephant Crafts

1. Milk Carton Elephant

2. Elephant Card

3. Crumpled Newspaper Elephant

4. Paper Plate Elephant

5. Elephant Mask

Giraffe Crafts

1. Clothespin Giraffe

2. Finger Painting Giraffe

3. Paper Plate Giraffe

4. Paper Giraffe

5. Paper Bag Puppet Giraffe

Tiger Crafts

1. Tiger Handprint

2. Loo Roll Tiger

3. Foam Cup Tiger

4. Paper Plate Tiger

5. Tiger Shaving Cream Marbling

Monkey Crafts

1. Paper Bag Monkey

2. Paper Plate Monkey

3. Loo Roll Monkeys

4. Tree full of Monkeys

5. Pipe Cleaner Monkey

Frog Crafts

1. Little Speckled Frogs

2. Jumping Frogs

3. Loo Roll Frog

4. Frog Headband

5. Egg Carton Frog

Snake Crafts

1. Ribbon Snake

2. Snake Bracelet

3. Paper Plate Snake

4. Craft Stick Snakes

5. Loo Roll Snakes

Turtle Crafts

1. Turtle Herb Planter

2. Tissue Paper Turtle

3. Egg Carton Turtle

4. CD Button Turtle

5. Floating Turtles

Butterly Crafts

1. Butterfly Handprint

2. Stained Glass Butterfly

3. Watercolour Butterflys

4. Tissue Paper Butterfly

5. Loo Roll Butterfly

Flamingo Crafts

1. Paper Plate Flamingo

2. Craft Stick Flamingo

3. Hand Print Flamingo

4. Feather Painted Flamingo

5. Paper Plate Flamingo

Parrot Crafts

1. Paper Cup Parrot

2. Loo Roll Parrot

3. Cupcake Liner Parrot

4. Craft Stick Parrot

5. Foot Print Parrot

Rhino Crafts

1. Paper Plate Rhino

2. Paper Rhino

3. Rhino Paper Mask

4. Recycled Rhino

5. Origami Rhino

Horse Crafts

1. No Sew Horse Puppet

2. Paper H Horse

3. Colourful Horse

4. Cereal Box Horse Puppet

5. Loo Roll Horse

Bear Crafts

1. Loo Roll Bears

2. Paper Plate Bear

3. Printable Bear Craft

4. Fuzzy Bear

5. Origami Bear

Crocodile Crafts

1. Hand Print Crocodiles

2. Peg Crocodile

3. Egg Carton Crocodile

4. Bubble Wrap Crocodile

5. Craft Stick Crocodiles

Lizard Crafts

1. Mosaic Lizard

2. Loo Roll Lizard

3. 3D Lizard

4. Bead Lizards

5. Pipe Cleaner Lizards

Tortoise Crafts

1. Cupcake Liner Tortoise

2. Paper Bowl Tortoise

3. Plastic Bottle Tortoises

4. Craft Stick Tortoise

5. Tortoise Craft

Polar Bear Crafts

1. Polar Bear Mask

2. Paper Cup Polar Bear

3. Polar Bear Art

4. Loo Roll Polar Bear

5. Hand Print Polar Bear

Owl Crafts

1. Sponge Painted Owls

2. Paper Plate & Cup Cake Owls

3. Colourful Newspaper Owls

4. Paper Plate Owl

5. Finger Knitting Owls

Lion Crafts

1. Foam Cup Lion

2. Loo Roll Lion

3. Paper Bag Lion

4. Paper Plate Lion

5. Lion Mask

Zebra Crafts

1. Paper Bag Zebras

2. Loo Roll Zebra

3. Printable Zebra Craft

4. Marble Painted Zebra

5. Hand Painted Zebra

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  1. the tiger handprint is cool haha my niece is coming over next weekend so i had to bookmark this!

  2. wow, those are great ideas, and such a huge list with great photos, thank you so much, will try them on my kids:)

  3. These ideas are really amazing and creative! I love the turtle and tiger crafts though I am also trying to look for Panda bec thats my favorite character.

  4. I love the range of ideas for the animal craft. The weather at the moment isn’t great which is typical for the summer holidays so I will try and make a few of these with my children. Thanks for the ideas.